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Semi-detached townhouse

Roda Golf Townhouse phase 2

Brand new self catering property for 2015 this lovely townhouse situated on phase 2 of roda can be rented along with 4 other properties all next door to each other making it ideal for wedding & golfing parties. Sharing a pool with only a few properties making this an exclusive area within Roda Golf Resort.

Roda Golf Villa private rental costs

Cost Per Week Per Property  
January - April £275
May - June £350
July - Aug £450
Sept £325
Oct - Dec £300
Xmas TBC

Dates booked 2018

Booked Easter week
Booked last week july 1st week Aug

Dinning Area

Roda Golf Townhouse

This property has a master bedroom with double bed and a twin room with single beds. Lovely terrace over looking a pool only a few steps away.


Sofa in lounge area

Lounge area ideal for relaxing after a day at the beach in a fully air conditioned apartment.




Roda Golf & Beach

Last Updated August 30, 2018

Roda Townhouse for Rental

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