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Weekend Breaks and Boot Camp

Boot Camp | Detox | Relaxation | Weight Loss

 Updated 14-aug-14


Health Breaks Roda Golf

We no longer network with Eden Retreats please contact them direct.

Boot Camp Holiday Break

What could be better than boot camp in Spain........
Offering a variety of exercises including circuit training, runs, swimming, climbing and much much more. Let your body have a complete workout and burn that fat and find the new you.

Training on the Beach

What are the benefits

  • Increased fitness levels
  • Weight Loss averaging 3 - 5 kg per week
  • Improve your health
  • Enjoy your life with a new shape






Weight Loss Breaks



Detoxify Package

Feeling sluggish with aches and pains you just cant seem to shift then its time to detoxify and cleanse your body by eliminating all the toxins which will help protect your body from disease.

Relaxation Package

Specially designed packages for a relaxing break with a healthy program to help you unwind and enjoy the stay


Detox and Fitness Weekends on Roda

Golf Resort

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